“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think."
- Albert Einstein

St. Fidelis School, Aligarh has created an unyielding vocation for itself as an educational institution of great promise and excellent standards in and around Aligarh. The worthiness of the students and the calibre of the teachers what make this institution the best among others in the vicinity. I, therefore, consider my new responsibility as the Principal of St. Fidelis School, Aligarh as a great privilege and cachet.

We, at St. Fidelis School, Aligarh believe firmly in the motto “from darkness unto light”. Therefore, we provide a platform to every child for experiential learning, group anatomy and building projects with the use of available resources to achieve their individual goals and experience the joy of learning. The school also has been playing a mammoth role in introducing the blessings of technology through the live interactive online classes and thereby, rigorously contributing to uplift the aspects of 21st century`s education. The parents, students and teachers have also been contributing brilliantly to illuminate the spark of knowledge in this tough time and I ventilate my heart-warming appreciation for their Herculean efforts.

Being stakeholders in this diaspora of learning, parents must engage and stay connected with their children in order to aide this process of wholesome and all-round education. It is only through collaboration and mutual trust and support that we can provide an enabling atmosphere to our students to soar higher in the skies of learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that St. Fidelis Aligarh, provides multifarious opportunities for the children through challenging and stimulating programmes of work, so that they get every chance to learn and enjoy their school day. Our school is a wondrous place which provides an amicable, caring, safe and revitalizing environment for your ward`s growth. The success of our enterprises rests as much in your support and encouragement as in the earnest exertions of our students and teachers. You stepped into the portals of this great institution with fresh thoughts, lofty aims, high hopes, and exalted aspirations. I assure you that your ambitions will be accomplished through the masterly guidance of the highly consummate and experienced faculty of teachers. In return, the school seeks superior ethics, positive attitude, social and moral values and discipline. I look forward to incorporating in close association with all of you to help the school and students scale new heights and hammer out new paths.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate my belief with this quote by Henry Ford: If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

So, let’s all join hands to take off on this journey to higher orbits of excellence.

Wishing you all Good Health and Best Wishes in your sojourn of Education!

Fr. Elias Correia