We expect you, students:

  1. To be polite, friendly and well-behaved in and outside school.
  2. To be honest and truthful, whatever be the cost.
  3. To accept whatever work and responsibility is given, with cheerfulness, and to face difficulties with courage and determination.
  4. To be courteous and sportsmanly with the opposite teams and with the officials on the playground.
  5. To wish your parents, masters, teachers and those ought to, everyday whenever and wherever you meet them.
  6. To show gentlemanly and lady like behaviour at all times and at all places.

  7. (i.) Five Paths :

  8. Skip a meal a week.
  9. Do a good deed daily.
  10. Honour your parents, teachers and all human beings.
  11. Respect the earth and save its resources.

  12. (ii) 10 Points Action Programme:

  13. Enlightened Leadership.
  14. Empowering Women.
  15. Caring and Sharing.
  16. Art and Culture.
  17. Light and Life.
  18. Literate India.
  19. Green India.
  20. Knit-India.
  21. Clean India.
  22. Heal India.